Yosemite Lanscapes | Lighthouses

Nothing is more spiritual moving than a beautiful image of a lighthouse lighting the way. There are a number of lighthouses in California but the most impressive is Pigeon Point Lighthouse. Standing just north of Santa Cruz it’s 24 star-burst beams radiate to the horizon in possibly the most stunning view you will ever behold. There are a couple other lighthouse images in this gallery but most are of Pigeon Point Lighthouse. When printed for your wall, or your publication these look awesome and have that special significance of a guiding light.
Pigeon Point Lighthouse CaliforniaThe LighthouseBirthday Moon at the LighthouseMoonlit SurfPigeon Point Lighthouse - A Great Blue Heron Takes FlightA California Sunset - Pigeon Point LighthouseRestoring a Classic - Sunset at Pigeon Point LighthouseReturn to Pigeon Point Lighthouse - 138th AnniversaryPigeon Point LighthouseA Night Lost to History - Pigeon Point LighthouseMisty Afternoon at the Lighthouse - Point Arena LighthouseAcross the Universe - Pigeon Point Lighthouse & Milky WayLighthouseThe LighthousePigeon Point LighthouseCrystal Clear - Pigeon Point LighthouseMoonlight Sonata - Point Reyes LighthouseSuper Moonset - Pigeon Point LighthousePigeon Point Lighthouse - Lighting Event