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Back in 1976 a little rock band hit the scene simply named BOSTON. They were an instant success and still have one of the highest debuting albums of all time. The band was the brainchild of Tom Scholz and combined with the incredible voice of Brad Delp the debut album was one of the best selling debut albums of all time. Followed up by the album Don't Look Back solidified them as one of the best 70's Rock and Roll Bands.

Their signature album covers were that of a guitar starship with the city of Boston encased upon the back side of the guitar. The symbol became nearly as famous as the band and was featured on everything from black-light posters to belt buckles. Many of the items today are highly sought after collectables.

As an artist and fan I started working on a 3D version of the iconic starship just for fun. The fans helped encourage me to do more and each time the ship became a bit more refined.

Some of the images you see here are high resolution and suitable for standard and yes, even extremely large fine art prints. Of course this means they will make awesome posters too. Some of the images have been featured on Boston album covers and others have been turned in to concert posters and the collectible concert t-shirts. NOTE: Not all images are available for print due mainly to size restrictions.

For more information on the band and their music please visit their site at
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