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Wispy Night at the Golden Gate Bridge

Well past sunset wispy clouds seemingly point to the illuminated Golden Gate Bridge and the City by the Bay. The San Francisco skyline begins to sparkle with lights as the Bay Bridge celebrates Bay Lights, the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge’s sister bridge on the bay.

Both the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay Bridge were build at about the same time both using a suspension design. Last year the Golden Gate celebrated its 75th birthday and this year the celebration continues with the Bay Bridge.

While filming the bridge I have been asked why it’s called the Golden Gate Bridge while it is clearly a bright orange? The answer is actually quite simple, the opening to San Francisco Bay is surrounded by hills covered in Golden Grass during much of the summer and fall months. The Golden Gate existed long before the Bridge. The Bridge was named after the straight that it spans and not the color of the bridge itself. You can see some of that golden grass in the foreground but the hills behind the camera are covered in it and often covered with California Poppies.

The famous Art Deco design of the bridge was not the first choice and there were many objects to the construction. A dislike of the cantilever design that was originally planned let to the more elegant replacement that we see today. Many of the elements of the bridge are more for ascetic effect rather than structural support. The bridge is illuminated by a number of spot lights that are directed at the two towers. Street lights, matching the Art Deco design line both sides of the bridge. The near side is restricted to bicycle traffic while the far side allows for both pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Both walkways are protected by a low rail which make it easy to view the city no matter your height as you walk across the span. It was reported this was due to the small stature of the designer who wanted a clear view. That consideration would later come
Wispy Night at the Golden Gate Bridge