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The San Francisco Treat

Dawn breaks over the fog blanketed Golden Gate as San Francisco peeks through in the distance as another workday in the Bay Area begins.

I had been up late the night before catching the PanSTARRS comet event and woke up just a couple of hours after going to bed. The fog had cleared out the night before but some fellow photographers had indicated it should move back in. It was difficult to tell on the various webcams but it appeared they were right. I was in a fog myself from lack of sleep and that may have helped make the decision to drive the 40+ miles back in to the place I had just left a few hours earlier.

The fog was thick everywhere and the commute in to the city was slow. Arriving at the Golden Gate Bridge I knew I was going to finally see one of the things that had eluded me for so long. I had seen pictures of it but never gotten to see a low fog illuminated by the orange lights of the Golden Gate Bridge right at dawn. Then there it was. We were thrilled as we jumped out of the car to park among the many other photographers that had lined up to view the sunrise. It was oddly warm and there was hardly any breeze. The fog below was slowly moving out of the bay and swirling back in near the south tower.

If you inspect the image closely you will not the Bay Bridge towers illuminated just above the fog. The Transamerica tower is clearly visible and the large building with all the lights is the Bank of America Tower. A distant jet leaves for some distant place and leaves a streak of light across the sky. Below, the fog parts to reveal the beach at Kirby Cove. It doesn’t get much better.
The San Francisco Treat